Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Home Staging in Beechhurst NY

A Beautiful Waterfront Condo That Used to be Part of the Hammerstein Estate

We just completed a beautiful staging in Queens for realtor Pat Bourgeois of Coldwell Banker R. Weir in Bayside NY. This is a fantastic home but the layout was troublesome. Here are some of the things that we did - in a day without any furniture rental.

Before:  Left side of Living room

Before:  Left side of Living Room

After:  Left Side of Living Room

After:  Right Side of Living Room

Before:  Too Much Pink in a Bedroom

After:  Adding a Green Coverlet Softened the Pink

Before:  Kitchen

After: Kitchen

After:  Kitchen

Before: Room that was the Kitchen, but had no Function other than the "Dog's Room"

After:  A Sitting Room/Office

Before: An Extra Bedroom - but this was the first thing you'd see when entering

After:  Much better.  The bed is now the focal point

Before:  The Master Bedroom

Before:  Other Side of Master Bedroom

After:  Without the trunk at the foot of the bed, it makes the room more spacious. 

 I tried to get the home seller to remove the TV - but no dice.  A collection of the homeowner's hats look so much better on the walls than the hatboxes!

Before: Mater Bath

After:  Master Bath

After:  This basement space had nothing in it.  We added function with a bed and seating

After: Another part of the basement that was empty and we made more functional. 

We brought down the chunky seating from the living room.  Here is serves a better purpose. The entire basement could be used as a guest suite. (The homeseller was donating the items to the right!)

Before: Another section of the basement that was just a catch all

After:  Now a place to exercise

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