Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting Your House Ready for the Spring Selling Season

Getting Ready for the Spring Selling Season. When ever we get close to the spring season, my mind starts to race with spring colors, floral motifs and flower pillows and artwork. I can’t get enough of floral designs on tile, carpets – slipcovers – anything that will help to usher in the coming (and much needed) springtime vibe into the home.

Varying Shades of Green. Using green when getting your home ready to sell, can help bring you some green! It's a great neutral color that goes with just about anything. There are so many shades of green, from Aganthus Green which is a useful, neutral color, to mossy shades and vibrant citrons.  The color green can feel like a cool walk in a shady forest to eye popping lime and yellow-green pizzaz. The calmer shades of green can give your home a fresh, spring look, while being neutral at the same time.

A calming Benjamin Moore Wales Green on ceiling, tropical motifs and spring colored patterns; House Beautiful

A neutral Benjamin Moore Aganthus Green, design by Phoebe Howard

We did a custom colored sage metallic plaster in this powder room that helped brighten this dark, windowless space.  The home sold in 3 weeks, after a year of sitting on the market

Springtime Accessories. Bringing in spring-themed pillows and accessories can help brighten any sofa or bed.  Your eye always goes to color – and having these colorful accessories will help a buyer remember your home.  A bright, cheery welcome mat will greet a buyer at the door – it says “This is a happy home.”

Springtime pillows from Anthropologie

Or this flower pillow I just purchased from Thai Silk when I went to the New York Gift Show

Bird-themed pillows from Pottery Barn can help brighten up your bedding

Try a special centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table. From Midwest Living

Garden stools used indoors look fabulous when selling your home.  I purchased several white ones from Overstock, but these from the Big O are more springtime themed

Or ...Bring in some natural elements like coral. From ZGallerie

So dust off the cobwebs and put away the drab colors of winter – and think spring as you prepare your house for the coming selling season.  It will not only make your house look good, but you’ll also start to feel good in the process. Happy Spring Staging!

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