Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's Top Staging Tips: Does Your Home Have a "Hook?"

Some Top Staging Tips for Today

#1: Just like a popular song that you recognize and remember easily, your home needs a “hook” - something that makes your home different, in a positive way, from the other houses in your area or price range. What’s your home’s “hook,” the emotional tug that will have a buyer remembering your home fondly? In this beautiful beach house bunk bed below - this is a memorable feature that buyers and renters would recall easily...just like a memorable song!

#2: Are you on a busy street or near the railroad – any area that would create excess noise in your home? There are noise reducing windows available that will help cut down on the noise. Another less expensive idea would be to put bookcases on the walls nearest the noisy area and fill it with books. The books will act as insulation and will reduce some of the noise. And lastly, our studio can apply noise reducing specialty plasters to the walls (we do this mostly in media rooms) and this is a very decorative way to cut down on the offending noise.

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An armoire or bookcase filled with books can soften buyer-killer noise in a beautiful way! Hope you enjoyed these quick tips. 

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