Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Successfully Stage and Sell Your Home or Listing Seminar in Huntington NY

Home Staging Seminar on February 10th, 2011: You’ll get quick, simple ideas that work, learn "must do" improvements before going to market - plus some bonus items like Staging Checklists and Trade Resource Lists.  We will also be raffling some great staging accessories as well.

WHO IS ATTENDING:  Real Estate Brokers and Agents; Home Sellers; Real Estate Investors.

We are capping the number of attendees at this event in order to give more attention to the registrants.  Please email or bring photos of your most problematic rooms so that we can assist you better.

What is the Benefit: This seminar will help sellers and agents to make more profit from a property on the market - and will give you advice on what you can do immediately to make your home a hot property - one that buyers will want to make an offer on - now...not a year from now at a reduced selling price. Come to this workshop to make sure that your home is on the "must see" list!

We hope that you can attend. If not, please send this to others who you feel need the information more. 

Click Here for the Home Staging Seminar Website and Registration Page

Call me if you have any questions: 631 793-1315


Avoid Foreclosure in Virginia said...

Many of the houses is full decorated and the work in the house is created then there is a good deal of the property business.

Linda Leyble said...

Yes - thank you for commenting. Many times homesellers think that if some of their rooms aren't totally finished (as in a room that should be painted - or a leaky faucet that needs to be fixed), a future buyer would not mind that at all. That is so untrue. Today's buyer wants "move-in ready," and they deduct a lot off their asking price (usually way more than it would cost to remedy the situation). So, always fix what needs to be fixed before you put your house up for sale. Any deferred project = a reduction in price.


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