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A New Staged Home for Sale in Sands Point NY

SAndsPoint5511Image via Wikipedia. Beautiful Sands Point, NYHOME STAGING IN A FLASH:  A few weeks ago, my partner Marty and I staged a lovely contemporary home in beautiful Sands Point NY.  Realtor, Geeta Shukla from Century 21 Laffey, called me in to help her with this home - that was going to be photographed as soon as we were done.  We had to act quickly because we only had 4 hours to create some magic

Geeta was referred to us by Sonny Declara in her office - because we helped him sell a new construction $3.5 million home in Muttontown this year.  The home sold 3 weeks after we staged it!

Most of the time when we stage an occupied home - it is cluttered and you can't see the beauty of the home because of that.  This home was a bit different.  It had its normal share of everyday clutter - but what I noticed more predominantly was that many of the furnishings were not placed for optimal living.  We re-arranged many of the chairs and tables so that a potential buyer could see "how" they could live in this home.  We created some additional "nooks" and focals points that were not being used to their fullest potential.

Because it is a contemporary home - it has an open living plan, which is one of the hardest areas to design - most people do not know how to design around this or create a color plan for this type of home.  We added some interest to the existing living room/dining room/den area by adding a small "conversational spot" in front of the a place to have tea, coffee and conversation in the picture window are - and an additional game/card area between the dining and living room.  We opened up the game table that was already there and we added a beautiful seating - plus we opened up the table to a chess board - and had an actual game "in progress." These small touches add personality and they showcase additional functionality  to an open space, but more importantly they show a potential buyer how they can live in a home.  These personal touches help to sell a space - that otherwise would be bland and lifeless.

We also decluttered the kitchen to showcase how beautiful it is.  Every amenity that you would want - the best appliances, granite, technology (this is a "smart" home") - and beautiful finishes - were there.  We pared down the clutter and excess stuff in the kitchen to showcase all of the luxury appointments.

The exterior was alo an another area that we tackled.  Though the summer is over, you still want to showcase how you can live outside as well as in.  We placed all the furniture (that was stacked high) and we placed all the cushions back on the furniture.  The deck featured a fire pit - but it was covered in an accumulation of vegetables from the garden.  We placed the furniture around the fire pit to showcase it.

We also did some fast and furious painting, which was necessary.  The home had a beautiful entryway with double doors - but they had not been painted in about 20 years!  A quick coat of paint brought them back.  In the entry there was also a huge phildendron palnt flowing from the upstairs landing to the first floor entry.  This would have been the only thing you would have noticed (instead of looking at the entry itself).  We removed it - so that the home's entry now is clean and inviting - plus you can see the home...instead of the plant!

Here's the link to the home

If you would like to see the home, please contact Geeta Shukla at 800-478-2940 or email her at

Call us at 631 793-1315 if you would like to learn more about our home staging ideas and services


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