Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New EPA Lead Regulations Will Impact Home Buyers, Sellers & Realtors

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New EPA Lead Regulations will impact the real estate industry in a big way. 

The EPA has come out with new lead safety procedures and regulations that are much more stringent that ever before.  All homes built before 1978 (with the possibility of having lead paint) now need to be tested and painted/repaired by certified lead abatement painters or contractors if remodelling work is to be done in the home.  Stiff penalties will be levied, if these guidelines are not adhered to.  Contractors need to be certified before they can work on these homes - they go through 8 hours of classes and an additional 2 hours of hands-on experience.

What does this mean to the realtor who suggests a painter or remodeller/handyman who is not certified to their cllient?  The realtor will be liable.  You can no longer just have the homeowner sign a waiver which releases them from any lead liability.

This will also impact costs to remodelling and painting.  If a home will need some renovations in order to bring it up to today's standards - the costs to remodel have now increased because of the stricter regulations.  Buyers needs to be aware of this - as well as sellers. 

We are scheduled to go through this training next month - and since April of this year, we have only been using subcontractors who have received this training and who know what they are doing.  This is serious business and the fines are serious money.  You should only be hiring certified lead abatement contractors to do work, if lead is suspected in the home.

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