Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why You Should Stage a Vacant Home: It Works!

Here's a link to a short video presentation I did highlighting the success we had with staging a vacant home.  After 9 months of the home sitting on the market, the home sold 3 weeks after we staged it.  Staging vacant homes works! See the video - don't you wish your home or listing looked like this?


Mary said...

What a beautiful job, Linda! I can truly see why this home sold as quickly as it did after the staging. You helped the buyers realize how their furnishings would look in this home Staging really does work!

Mary Habres
Encore Home Staging and Redesign
Jacksonville, florida

Linda Leyble said...

Thanks Mary for your post! I have seen your staging work as well - so beautiful. Keep up the terrific work! Speak or off!

Discount Kitchen Cabinets said...

I have visited the link you provided in this blog and have to say that video is just fantastic.Keep doing good work.

Linda Leyble said...

Thanks Discount Kitchen Cabinets! Hope you had a great year - and a Happy New Year!


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