Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Uninvited Stager Series

I found some interesting homes for sale this morning that will illustrate some common problems that sellers have when showing their homes for sale.  Very easy to fix...don't know why they still persist!  Always consult a home stager in your area when starting to market your home.  They will give you an unbiased opinion of your home because they don't have to tell you nice things that a potential realtor might say...because they are not making money from your listing!

Clutter: So easy to remedy this.  It would take me about a half hour to fix this room.

De-Clutter and Paint:  It would take 15 minutes to de-clutter this dining room and about a day to re-paint with a neutral color that will appeal to more buyers and will make the room look more spacious, light and airy. I would probably have chosen Carrington Beige (HC-93) from Benjamin Moore for this dining room.  It would help update it and make it a brighter room.  Here's a link to more suggestions from Benjamin Moore on great colors for home staging.

Cluttered and Too much Furniture in the Room:  This is a very spacious room but it looks smaller because of all the stuff in it.  There's no appeal at all in this photo. No care was taken to make this room warm and welcoming.  It says - "This is how we live...take it or leave it!"

Clutter, Clutter and more Clutter: This is a nice kitchen but you don't notice notice "the stuff."

Below is a Competing Home's Kitchen:  Which would you prefer??

However...Once you looked around a bit in the above home, you'd find this...

So...this takes a few points off the house in terms of buyer magnetism. Always remove items that are just a bit too personal.  Deer heads are a big "No-No."

And along this line are decorating no-no's such as this: A different kind of clutter...

Below - I edited the amount of blue and white dishes (not perfectly!) but I think you can see that this would give you an impression that the kitchen is much larger and less cluttered!

These rooms (as seen on the online listing) feature just a little bit too much "blue and white."  Maybe some people will disagree with me (Do You?), but this type of decor in a house might put some people off.  It's a bit too cluttered - not like the kitchen clutter in the first grouping, but cluttered all the same.  This is decorative and very personalized clutter that will prevent the buyer from seeing the actual room.  They will only remember the blue and white items and NOT how clean and spacious the rooms were. should know that blue is one of those colors that people either love or hate.  So, you may be putting off half of the people who come to look (online or in person).  Try to tame your use of this color - or other very personalized color schemes. Also - this blue and white home might be saying to the buyers "Grandma lives here." That can be a nice, homey thing to some - but younger buyers (and even empty nesters) are looking for more modern decor in homes.

To recap...make sure that you clear your rooms of clutter (the ugly kind of day-to-day stuff and the decorative kind) your rooms in lighter, neutral colors to make them brighter and more spacious.  And - reduce the use of very personalized colors and decorating schemes and...get rid of your deer heads!!

If you are having some difficulty selling you home and if you don't know if your home has any of the above issues, Contact Me, Linda

Happy Selling!!


Maureen Wyatt said...

Very good points! Everything stands out in a photo and is a great way to look at your own rooms objectively. ~ Maureen

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said... are so right! I've been in homes that were so cluttered you couldn't see the walls! Whether is too much stuff or too much's still too much and will distract potentioal buyers. Great post!!!

dee dee said...

It is often very difficult for those selling their homes to move from thinking it at theirs to the house being something that others will buy. Once again great ideas!
dee dee

Edward Volino said...

Very good points, those changes definitely make the place look much better and easier to sell. Houses looking cluttered are definitely a no-no when trying to sell. If you ever have too much clutter Zippy Shell can help and store it while you are selling your home!!


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