Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Easy DIY Headboards to Make For Bedrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are really important when you are selling your home...but I feel that bedrooms also deserve to be updated and beautiful if you want to capture the heart of a buyer.  So, here are some ideas that will easily and inexpensively help you with the wow factor in the boudoir - and, the best thing, you get to take these beauties with you when the house sells.

Paint:  It's the cheapest update of all!  So if you have a nice headboard - but it's dinged up and dark and seen better days, whip out your paint brush.  There are a host of primer in the paint type products out there now that make it so easy for you to re-do your headboard.  Try one of the latest crazes - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This paint, which comes in lots of neutral shades and other colors, does not need any priming.  You just clean your headboard - and paint.  A coat of wax over it will protect it. You can find distributors of this paint Here

Two Headboards...Two Different Ways:  If you are lucky enough to have a headboard with two inset panels, as below, you can remove those panels and insert 1) with foam core covered with batting and fabric or 2) bamboo placemats or blinds.

Less is More and More is More: Below you'll see two more ways to adorn the same headboard.  1) You can do it simply by adding some crown molding to the top, then adding one central onlay (many can be found online as well as Home Depot and Lowe's) and then paint your headboard all one color. 2) The image below that shows a more elaborate way of adorning the simple headboard. If you add finials, more elaborate moldings and corners and other motifs plus two picture frame moldings and two larger onlays - you will have a headboard fit for a queen. Paint it - then dry brush with a light color (white or cream) to show off the extra embellishments.

Feedsack Plus Architectural Salvage:  If you pair up two of the hottest DIY trends today, you can make this beautiful headboard.  All you need is enough feedsack fabric to fit the right size plywood for your bed (feedsacks can be found on Etsy and EBay)  or you can make a simple one yourself by using a linen or linen look fabric, then adding the stripe using fabric paint. Just use batting first over the plywood, stretch the fabric over that and secure to the back with heavy duty staples.  Then add the crowning touch - architectural salvage. These pieces can be found on Ebay as well.  You can opt to put it on as is - or paint it (as below).

Metal scrolled artwork: Have you ever perused the aisles of HomeGoods, Target, or TJ Maxx and laughed at some of the bright, brassy scrolled artwork in the clearance section?  Well - pick up a few pieces and then take them home and spray prime them, then spray paint them!  You'll have a very unusal, yet unique headboard for a guest room in your home.

Poster Frames and Fabric: Another easy headboard idea is this one that uses two poster frames, foam core boards, batting and fabric. Just paint the poster boards a coordinating color - and you're done.

Fabric and Ribbons: Do you have a headboard that you don't like but you don't want to paint it to update it?  Use fabric and ribbons instead.  Just make sure you get fabric that fits the entire length and width of the headboard (you can even use Stitch Witchery or fabric glue to make the headboard slipcover).  Then stitch ribbons for closure.

Stencil It:  If you have a plain fabric headboard, pick out a stencil design like this damask one and use fabric paint to embellish. You can also upholster a plain headboard with fabric that you stencil. If you have a flat headboard like this one below - you can paint it and embellish with stencils as well.  A wonderful stencil company to try is Royal Design Studio - where you will find a fantastic array of designs to choose from.

So - there are a few ideas for you.  Make sure your bedrooms look like beautiful and wonderful spots to rest, relax and read in.  Remember, you want to create an emotional tug on the buyer's heart.  Don't forget to make the bedroom a special place.

If you need some help with creating a beautiful bedroom...or would like more help with making any one of these headboards...give me a call at 631 793-1315.  Happy staging!

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dee dee said...

Wonderful headboards! Really love the red and white stripe!
dee dee

Unknown said...

No doubt that the bedroom attracts the attention of the visitor, i must say that the headboards attach with the bed frames are also more important for eye catching attention of the visitors.


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