Saturday, January 7, 2012

So What's Wrong With These Photos: How to Improve the Marketability of Your Home for Sale

"Uninvited Stager" Saturday

It's Saturday and it's time for "So What's Wrong With These Photos." Here are the images of today's post.  If you see anything else wrong with them - write a comment so we can all learn "what not to do when selling your home."

1) Turn the flash off...and more: If you look on your camera setting, you'll see this sort of lightning bolt type of symbol - that's the "turn off the flash" indicator.  It's best if you leave your camera on that setting all the time and you won't wind up with those shiny bits on your pictures.

The above photo is a pic of really a lovely kitchen - but it doesn't show it off like it should. What else could be improved?  I would have taken this picture from many different angles. Plus I would have made a vertical pic - the ceiling is cut off and so it's not showing the wonderful height of this kitchen. I would also have taken the curtains off - they are doing nothing for the kitchen - plus they are distracting and they are blocking the light.

The floral arrangement in the corner does nothing for the room either. And what they are sitting on top of (to add height supposedly), doesn't do a good enough job.  I would have put something high here - and colorful to catch the eye. Staging-wise, there could have been more interest in this room.  A colorful tea kettle would have been a better cloice on the cooktop...and perhaps a bowl of red apples and a colorful cookbook on a stand would add a welcoming note.

It also looks like the pendants are not square over the island.  I also would have done a quick faux wood graining on the island's switchplate - it's just glaring in the white (I know - most of you can't do this...then switch it out for a darker color).  The cabinets are in shadow and they don't show off their beauty enough.  More lights on would have helped this - plus even putting some lamps on the floor (but outside of the shot) would have given more light to the shadowed area - to show off these beautiful cabinets.

2) Why bother putting this picture online?  What are they selling here - the silver tea service?

The subject of this photo is all wrong.  I'd have taken this photo from several angles - not this one.  Taking a vertical shot from the right would have shown the beautiful, tall window (it would be beautiful - minus the cheap cutains that do nothing for the picture). The curtains also cut off the room.  A buyer's eyes go to the height of the curtain - and they stop there.  If you have tall Palladian windows (or just tall windows in any style), you want to show that off.  Don't cut it in half with draperies (even nice, expensive ones!!) If your rooms have height - show it off.  It's a plus...something that buyers are looking for.

The photographer (most likely the realtor and not a professional) should have, again, turned off the flash.  A sunnier day would also have helped.  And the snow on the ground is a little troublesome - is this photo from last year?  That shows the buyer that the property has been on the market for a long time.  You always need to revise your photos if the home has been on the market for awhile. A potential buyer looking at this photo would not be impressed and would wonder what's wrong with the home because it hasn't sold yet.

That's it for today.  I welcome your comments and other ideas that you have about these photos and how you would improve them.  Any professional photographers reading this?  Please comment on how you would improve these shots!

If you are having trouble selling your home, give me a call at 631 793-1315.  I can help you get it into top selling shape. 


jan west said...

Very helpful FREE info - thank you very much. You make so much sense. People should take advantage of this advice. Thanks.

Linda Leyble said...

Thanks Jan for your comments. I hope that people will find some answers to their questions on my blog!


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