Friday, January 6, 2012

Newport Rhode Island Grandeur for Sale - in Peapack NJ

I love to look at Architectural Digest's luxury homes for sale whenever I get the magazine.  I love to drool and dream that I could afford to live in one of these mansions.  Well, fat chance - but a girl can dream right?

Well, if you have a spare $4.9 mil laying around, you might want to take a look at this beautiful mansion called Blairsden - that's very Newport Mansion-esque.  I had a great time with my husband when we visited all the "Cottages" in Newport several years ago.  This home that's for sale, listed by Molly Tonero of Turpin Realtors, has all the trappings of those wonderful mansions.  You can see all  the pictures and details about this home here.

Couldn't you imagine a fairy tale wedding taking place here? In fact, the original owner, C. Ledyard Blair, had all four of his daughters' weddings here. C. (Clinton) Ledyard Blair was an investment banker (he and his father and brother founded Blair and Co). He and his wife hobnobbed with the Vanderbilts and other titans of industry at the time.

The Dining Room

I just love the ceiling design and murals in this dining room.  I wish that more homeowners would hire my decorative painting company to do these types of ceilings - but these projects are few and far between today.

Blair was a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and he was a true patron of the arts.  His home in New York City, when it was being built, featured a studio for the artist John White Alexander. Alexander was a famous portait artist and muralist of the day. More information about that home and about Alexander can be found here.

Look at the beautiful Caen stone work, marble columns and carved architectural details in this home.  Blair's architects, Carrere and Hastings, hired seasoned tradespeople, many from Italy, to work on the decorations in his home.  Most of these artisans stayed on and settled in the area.  Blair had a railway constructed just for the purpose of transporting materials to the home.  If this man were alive today - he could single-handedly lower the unemployment rate in New Jersey!

The architecture of this home is just spectacular. I wish I had a room like this in my home. I love the fluted columns, the plaster friezes the trellised glass ceiling - everything is detailed and beautiful.
Every inch of this home is truly spectacular - fit for a King and Queen...with a large family and a huge guest list.  There are 38 bedrooms in this home. You could have a wedding here and you could just about have all your guests sleep over!

I hope that this home gets sold and that the owners keep and improve it.  There were so many Gilded Age mansions on Long Island that were demolished and all that's left are pictures. 

If you are interested in this home, please call Molly Tonero of Turpin Real Estate, Inc. at 877-788-7746.

If you are having trouble selling your home or listing, please give me a call at 631 793-1315. We have budget-friendly staging options - from a quick fix and declutter furnishing and accessorizing an entire home that will help sell your place quickly.

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