Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Teaching Tool For Why Home Staging Works

I was fooling around with Photoshop today and I came across an idea for a quick teaching tool for why staging works. I took a badly staged room and then I posterized it in Photoshop.

The room is not appealing at all in the photo and it looks pretty bad as a poster!  It looks like a messy hovel. Why would you want to purchase a home like that...& why would you want to buy a poster that looks like that!

Then I took a room that is styled and staged beautifully - and posterized that.

I could see this as artwork in my home. It's something I would purchase.  I love the symmetry of the room and it just looks like I could relax and unwind in this place.

Sometimes, as homeowners, we don't see our homes as they really are because we are so used to seeing our rooms day after day.  Making a poster out of a room in your home may help you to see it in a different light...how buyers see your home!


houses for sale philippines said...

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Charles A

Linda Leyble said...

Thank you very much Charles for the wonderful thoughts - I always try to help in any way I can. Thanks for commenting! Let me know how things are going in the Philippines - am very interested in the real estate climates in other areas of the world.


house for sale in san rafael said...

I also wanted to buy some properties in that place. Because I found that place very peaceful and cool. I really enjoy staying in that wonderful place. :)


lot for sale in philippines said...

It is my honor and privileged to found and read your post. It made me learn a lot of different ideas. Keep up the good work.



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