Monday, December 26, 2011

Does Your Home Have a "Hook?" How to Make Yours Memorable

Just like a popular song that you recognize and remember easily, your home needs a "hook" - something that makes your home different, in a positive way, from the other houses in your area or price range. What's your home's "hook," the emotional tug that will have a buyer remembering your home fondly? Do you have one...or two...or three or more??

We added a memorable faux chandelier decal over the bed - with some black and white cameo plates.

If you don't have a memorable home - how will your buyers ever remember it? Think about adding something distinctive to the outside of your home. It could be a colorful bird house, a beautiful garden statue (not religious though) or two black urns holding some red geraniums. Inside you could have a stunning orchid on your entry table, a large colorful oil painting in your living room or a large bowl of red apples (with a note that says "take one!") on your counter in the kitchen.

Master Bedroom Before...not memorable

After...This bedroom will be remembered.

In the above example, the homeowner's Master Bedroom was tired looking and uninspiring. It just needed a little creativity to bring it to life.  The homeowner was a seamstress - so I put her to work to make a beautiful bedspread with some leftover fabric.  I switched the window treatment from over the window to over the bed.  I added a lovely mosaic mirror in the center and some bedside table lamps that were more proportionate. So, for very little money, we really changed the look and feel of this Master Bedroom.

In recent staging that we did, I added some great accessories to give a dining room a special look and feel that will help homebuyers remember it.

In this vacant home, we provided all the furnishings and accessories.  In this dining room, the floors were glossy (as opposed to the satin finish on the rest of the floors).  If my contractors had finished the floors, this would not have happened - but the real estate investor hired the company that made the mistake.

So, to counteract the glossiness, I added this beautiful bamboo area rug with typography on it.  It's memorable and it diverts a buyer's eye. I also added a lovely, tall birdcage with an orchid inside it - another memorable feature.  The sleek leather chairs give the room a younger vibe - that's who will most probably buy this home.The glass table does not take up much visual space in the room - so the rooms looks more spacious.

When your home goes on the market, it's no longer your's a product.  And a product needs to be merchandized.  Staging is the act of merchanding a home for sale.  If you don't know how to make your home memorable, hire a home staging company like mine to help you.  Even a staging consultation (which is very budget-friendly) will help you get your home buyer-ready...and memorable...and SOLD!

My company also does e-staging.  What is that?  We will look at photos of your home and we'll give you our best staging ideas, tips and advice by email.  Call me at 631 793-1315 to learn more about this!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Great ideas!

Linda Leyble said...

Thanks Penny for your comment. I am going to check out your blog also! Linda


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