Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Renovated Home for Sale in North Bellmore NY

We created another beautiful satged home for a real estate investor in N. Bellmore NY.  The home was lovely - but cold and uninviting - because there was no furnishings and accessories to liven it up.

Here are some after shots...

Beautiful Dining Room...



Master Bedroom 1
Master Bedroom 2

Baby's Room

Living Room


Ezequiel Brojakowski said...

Who wouldn't want to buy this house! I would buy it if have money right now. LOL!

Linda Leyble said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting. This house just sold. We had a lot of fun staging this house - it really helped to warm up the home...even though the colors and finishes were really beautiful and well done.

I am hoping to help the new homeowner to create a beautiful place to live!

Thanks agaon for your wonderful comments!


Calvin Mordarski said...

Indeed, home renovations are a big help when selling a house. The improvements can encourage and attract the prospect to buy the house. However, homeowners should be wise in choosing their home renovations before putting up the house for sale. Not all renovations lead to a positive result. Some would cost you an extra penny without actually helping you sell the property.

Linda Leyble said...

Hi Calvin - I totally agree with you. Smart renovations that are in keeping with the neighborhood and price range - and the comps - will get your property sold...and you have the best chance of making a profit. I've seen where even smart real estate investors have overspent on renovations and, consequently, didn't turn as much of a profit.

I always advise homesellers and investors on the top things to do with their property - and not to go overboard.

Thanks for commenting...



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