Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stop Selling Just a "House." Sell a Beautiful Home to Make Memories In

Want to Sell Quickly and Profitably? Sell the "Outcome" of Buying

The famous sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, said that "People don't like to be sold...but they love to buy." And when you are selling your most precious asset - your home - you need to take that statement into consideration. Think about the word "love," and really assess whether or not your potential buyers could possibly fall in love with your home.  That's what it takes today - buyers need to fall in love. Buyers are out there...looking at house after house. They really do want to see one that they love - they don't want to see yet another disappointment.
If you are having trouble getting your home sold (or if you are just about to put it on the market) - you need to really take a long hard look at your home to see if it's got that "love" factor and you need to start thinking about "outcomes."
Stage Your Tug at a Buyer's Heartstrings

To help you along with this, here's what I mean about the "outcome" of buying your house. Let's put it into words, sentences or thoughts a potential buyer might say when they see a home they love.
  • "I would love to cook big family dinners in this kitchen." 
  •  "We could sit by the lovely fireplace and have a glass of wine."
  • "I could get a peaceful night's sleep in this bedroom."
  • "I can just imagine our kids playing in this big backyard."
  • "What a great spot to have a cup of coffee in the morning before work."
Think about these buyer outcomes and apply them to what your home currently looks like. Is there a disconnect? Start thinking like a buyer would - I call it "buyers' eyes." A qualified home stager can help you with this - they know what a buyer is looking for and can help you achieve that in your home. They can help your home be a buyer magnet - the one that makes a buyer fall in love.
If you are in the Long Island or Queens area and you need help getting your home sold, give me a call at 631 793-1315. A consultation is painless, inexpensive and it's the ticket to getting your home sold.
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