Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Shopping Can Help Give You Ideas to Stage Your Home

You've heard of retail therapy but shopping can help you to stage your home better. And without spending any money.

What? Yes - it's all free. The ideas anyway. Department stores spend a lot of money to make their wares look good because they want you to spend some serious cash - and that's what you want from open their wallets and buy your home.

Stores like Pottery Barn, Anthropology and Restoration Hardware are places where you can see how you can merchandize your dining room and get ideas on how to dress your bed and other places in your home, Take notes on how appealingly they style their spaces.

You may be tempted to spend a few bucks - but then you'll know that what they did worked!
Here are some images from some shopping trips I've done recently.

The above photo shows a bed that you would love to sink into.  The takeaway?  A white fluffy comforter, a pile of pillows and a tray with coffee or tea cups and napkins give you the impression that this is a great home to wake up in.

Bring the outdoors in:  This may seem like a well-worn phrase but florals in rustic vases add some needed texture to a plain home.  Add other outdoor items to your home with exterior lanterns, shells, sand and other seaside elements.

So take a trip to a nearby high-end department store.  They will always give you great ideas that you can copy inexpensively.
If you are having trouble selling your home, please give me a call at 631 793-1315. I can help you make it a buyer magnet. 


Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

Gosh I just love those stores only they are out of my budget...but I do like getting ideas from them.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!

dee dee said...

My favorite is to get ideas but love the challenge of recreating it from thrift store finds!
dee dee

Lara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) Wow, I love your decorative painting! I enjoy refinishing furniture but I haven't done any real decorative painting. I just finished a china cabinet but it was quite an amateur attempt.... Lara

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Take a look at my blog, and leave a comment if your interested in keeping in touch!


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