Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bringing in Emotion to Your Online Listing

Most of the time I tell you what not to do when selling your home or listing.  Today I want to show you some ideas that demonstrate what "to do."  The best way to get someone interested in taking a look at your home is to grab them from the first moment they see your home online.  How do you do that?  You bring "emotion" in to your pictures and you show every benefit you can to highlight your home.

Home for sale in Charleston, SC by Debbie Fisher of Handsome Properties: In this home that I am showing you today, every shot showed something special.  In the all-white bathroom, above, they added fresh flowers for a jolt of color - these parrot tulips help to bring this room to life.  The shot would have been boring otherwise.

Show details:  Are you leaving some beautiful light fixtures to the buyer?  Show them.  Do you have any special architectural details, like these gilded moldings?  Show them!

Other Special, Unique Features:  Do you have a beautiful staircase?  Show it off.  Get a professional photographer to take aerial shots of special features as well.

Showcase extra spaces in your home:  Do you have a spot in your home where you could enjoy a little cup of tea by a window?  A place to cuddle up and read a book?  If you don't, you can always make a space for this - I always find a place in the homes I stage for a quiet, little moment.  Buyers will remember your home if you bring out its uniqueness.

Show elegance:  This fireplace mantle and screen are really lovely.  They help a buyer to remember your home.  Add details like this if you don't have them already (or ask me to help you to create them!)

Detail how much space you have:  If you'll notice in this picture, the dining table is not extended to the fullest and there's still a lot of negative space showing.  It shows the buyer you can fit a lot of people in your dining room - but you don't have to show every chair and every leaf of your dining table.  You want to show space - that's what buyers want!

Show every benefit:  Show richness (beautiful granite, wood floors), extra functionality (prep areas), extra storage and seating space.

Show views:  While this isn't waterfront, still there's a nice view and it shows the terrace that comes with the home.

Showcase every unique feature...take every opportunity to show the uniqueness of your home.  You will attract more buyers!

Good luck!  If you need any help bring out the uniqueness of your home or me at 631 793-1315.

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dee dee said...

Beautiful home... it's how to sell your home the right way!
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