Thursday, March 1, 2012

Someone Stole My Lamp!

The late, great Coco lamp!

MY LUCKY CHARM HAS BEEN STOLEN: Why do people do this? Is it just human nature to steal? Yesterday, while de-staging a home that sold very quickly, I walked into the living room only to notice that one of my lamps from my inventory was gone, more! It was one of my favorite lamps and it held a special place in my heart (like most of my items do!). But this was special - this was the first accessory that I bought when I started my staging business. I bought it on EBay (a pair) and whenever I used it - the home sold quickly! True to form, it did just what it always did - performed beautifully...with a quick sale in the dead of winter!

If anyone knows where I could buy this lamp (I have not found it on Ebay and I've looked many times over the years to purchase another set), I would be ever so grateful. It is called "Coco," but when I search that name on the web, a whole host of things come up - and none of them look like this!
There's a number on the bottom - Cat# CL2148. Date May, 2008. It was made in China. There's also a bar code. Maybe I could find out where to get this if I could read the bar code! If anyone has advice - I'd appreciate it!

Hopefully - someone out there knows where I can buy another one! The investor, whose property it was, told me he would give me the money to buy another one. He was so great to work for - and I appreciate his offer so much.

Does this happen often? Would love to hear from realtors about this. How do you protect the contents of your clients' homes?
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dee dee said...

Oh so sorry that someone took off with your beautiful lamp. I'll keep my eyes open, but have not seen one like it.
dee dee

Sandra said...

I found the lamp listed here for $80. Coco table lamp

Judit -Corina @WineDineDaily said...

Sorry to hear about your lamp! Really do not understand how can somebody just walk out the door with a table lamp. Hope that you find one soon :)

Linda Leyble said...

Thanks everyone for your condolences (sounds silly right?). Sandra - I will try to connect with you - but I went to the link you posted...but I could not find the lamp there.


Sandra said...

Linda, it's on page 13. Top right.

Linda Leyble said...

Hi again Sandra. Thanks for writing. I did contact them - but I will try again. They said that they had the lamp but it has been discontinued.



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