Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Uninvited Stager Series

Another "what's wrong with these photos" of homes for sale!

My friend and Arizona realtor, Leif Swanson, may have coined a new term...not sure.  He calls what disease sellers have who market their homes with no regard to the mess that they are displaying - Clutter Blindness!  I think that is a great term.  Leif has a great blog called Ugly House Photos, where he shows some funny but real homes for sale.  It's a veritable "what not do do" for home sellers.

It's one thing not to clean up and organize your home when family or friends are coming over - but to display a cluttered mess when your home is being marketed for just crazy.  Take a look at these photos - it would take maybe an hour or so to remove the items...and the cost $0.00!

And how about closing the cabinet doors!  Source, Ugly House Photos

Uncluttering might take 15 minutes to do?  Why didn't they do this? And, the photographer's flash should be off and should be taken from another angle.  Source, Ugly House Photos

Another no-no that I see all the time is "Taste Specific Decorating."  What is this?  It's when the seller has a decorating style that is highly personal.  It could be a color choice that is a bit bold or unusual - like blue or mauve colored cabinets (that I have just recently seen in two homes on Long Island) or the use of highly stylized fabrics, motifs, tile or furniture etc. This is fine when you are living in a home and enjoying it.  But when you are selling, you should play this down.  The photo below would look so much better with a colorful shower curtain - pulled back to reveal the shower (thereby increasing the perceived size of the room)...and some nice towels and a bath mat. And this angle?  What was the realtor/photographer thinking?

Welcome to the Bat Cave!  Source, Lovely Listing

The photo below shows the "Clutter Blindness" with "Taste Specific Decorating." I know - I am being a very cruel stager saying that this little girl's room should be neutralized.  But even if the clutter was at least corraled - it would look so much better.  Buyers can't always see that a room like this could be spacious.  All they see is the clutter. Clutter eats equity!

Here's another home for sale that is the victim of "Clutter Blindness" and "Taste Specific Decorating." How hard would it be to remove the mess and to buy a nice bedspread.  Not hard at all - and worth every penny.

Hog Heaven, courtesy of Ugly House Photos

So, don't fall victim to clutter.  Do something about it.  It's not hard, really.  It takes time, a few boxes and a magic marker to label what's in the boxes.  And if you don't know if you have a "Taste Specific Home," please call me at 631 793-1315 and I can tell you honestly if you do.  I will tell you what your realtor may be afraid to tell you!


dee dee said...

All I can say is "really?"!
dee dee

Linda Leyble said...

I know - thanks for writing Dee Dee. It takes so little to clean up the mess, right?



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