Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Great Giveaway: A Handpainted Paint Color Fan Deck

Many of you read both of my blogs, but for those of you who do not read my design and decorative paint blog,  Studio of Decorative Arts Blog, you may want to head over there and enter the Special Giveaway that I am doing this week - a Handpainted Fan Deck of beautiful custom colors by designer and color consultant, Michelle Winick. You will find complete details about how to enter this giveaway HERE.

This beautiful fan deck, created by Michelle for the Muralo Paint Company, will allow you to see the actual paint colors (and just a picture of the colors, as in most other fan decks). This is a huge advantage because most people who choose paint colors via a small postage stamp sized chip (usually picked out under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights), are usually surprised by the color they actually get on the wall.  The colors are also extremely usable and beautiful - especially great when you are selling your home.  You won't be disappointed by these colors - neither will your buyers!

So, head over to my other blog and enter this contest! I will be choosing the winner on February 18th, 2012.

Good luck!

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