Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another "What Not to do When Selling Your Home" Blogpost

"The Univited Stager" Saturday Series....Continues.

Today I wanted to do a roundup of some of the funniest Kitchen and Bath listings on the Internet.  Some of these are still for sale. When you list your house, your kitchen and bathrooms are of paramount importance. People will buy your home based on the beauty, warmth and functionality of these rooms.  So make sure yours look great!

1) Banish Clutter: Buyers want to know that they will have ample space to put their things away.  This home yells "there's no room in this kitchen!"

2) "Honey did you see the note I left you in the kitchen that the realtor is bringing a potential buyer over today?  No? couldn't find it?"

3) "Yes there's plenty of storage space in this kitchen and we'll show you!"

4) This Texas family let the kids design the kitchen! And there's the designer!

5) From the people who gave you the Open Kitchen....

6) You may love your kitties - but some buyers may not and some may even be allergic. So, don't be too obvious with your pet paraphrenalia!  I once did a staging consultation for a woman who had 19 cats (and one dog). Believe it or not the home was immaculate - but she refused to downsize the number of litter boxes and other cat items.  Guess what - the house did not sell.  Wonder why??

7) "We're swinging sellers!  Don't worry, we'll be busy barbequing and we won't look when you are in the bathroom."  And...what the heck is that thing on the sink?

8) And this is my favorite - the fish sink! Don't let the cat from #6 see this! He'll be sooo jealous!

So that's it for today from the "Uninvited Stager." Remember to de-clutter, remove pet paraphrenalia, don't let your kids do any designing, close all your cabinetry doors, make your bathrooms private - and if you have any "taste specific" items like the aquarium sink - it's best to remove them because most buyers will go "Huh?"

If you are having any trouble selling your home, please give me a call at 631 793-1315.  I can help you! 

Happy Selling!

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