Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Reduce and Elimate Noise in Your Home, Apartment or Condo

Some Great Ways to Reduce Noise

Some real estate deals can go sour because of noise - from next door neighbors, barking dogs, street noise, trains, traffic etc.  Don't let that kill your deal.  Here are some ideas to help reduce and possibly eliminate some noises in your home.

Seal All Cracks: To cut down on noise from one room to another, you should seal any cracks and air passages. Noise will seep through any opening. Electrical outlets are a prime area where noise can escape. A quick visit to your hardware store where you can buy electrical outlet seals - which fit between your outlet and the plate - will help reduce the noise from an adjacent room.

Most drywall is not installed flush with the floor. If you were to remove the base and shoe molding, you would find a nearly 2 inch space between the bottom of the drywall and the floor. This is another area where you can focus your efforts to stem noise from seeping through. Carefully remove the shoe molding - then fill the gap with a spray insulating foam. Then reinstall the shoe molding.

Specialty Drywall: There's a product from Blue Ridge Fiberboard called SOUNDSTOP® which deadens sound transfer from outside noise, shared walls and corridors...any noise generating space. It needs to be installed under drywall. You can use it on ceilings and walls. Available nationwide. Check their website -

There is also a drywall product called QuietRock (www. that helps to deaden noise. This is available at Lowes.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles: There are many of these products on the marketplace. One product is called Auralex T-Coustic Ceiling Tiles - it measures two feet by two feet and sold at (price is approximately $599.00 for a box of twelve). They will fit into a drop ceiling grid, ideal for hiding ugly HVAC equipment or a/v wires. These tiles act as acoustic sound deafening tiles with 20 to 45% more effective sound absorption than that of other competitors. They are an ideal replacement for your old drop ceiling and they create a serene and less noisy environment.

Also check out this site - They offer a lot of advice and solutions, plus they have everything from acoustical floor mats and natural cotton fiber insulation and noise proof windows and acoustical foam products.

Soundproof Windows: There is also another company called Citiquiet - and they manufacture and install the best acoustical, noise deadening windows available. This is the priciest solution - but it's one of the best ways to reduce any kind of noise. See their website for more information.

Also consider...

Carpeting: If you don't have wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs will help deaden some noise in your home.

Specialty Paints Etc: There's a paint product called Acousti-Coat that I found online. I have not used this particular product but supposedly it helps reduce noise. We have used some specialty plasters that reduce noise - especially in media rooms. Some metallic plasters that we use have sound-reducing properties (as well as fireproof protection). Another great material is "JaDecor" which is a beautiful product that has acoustical properties. Our shop is a preferred installer (you have to be certified in order to use the product).

If you are selling your home, call me at 631 793-1315 for a consultation before you put it on the market.  I can save you money and time by helping you create a home that buyers will love.  We have locations in Huntington NY and Great River NY.

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