Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Great Tip to Repair a Peeling, Cracking Ceiling

Bad Ceiling in Your Bathroom or Elsewhere?  Try this!

I have repaired many a ceiling in my career - with sheetrock, with plaster - and with styrofoam ceiling tiles,  and other products.  But I just came across this website and company called Ceilume - Better Than Tin and I have to say that I think they have a great product.   Especially if you are "pressed" - pardon the tin joke - for time, this product can repair your ugly ceilings in a flash (oh...almost a tin pun...just an aluminum pun!)

Take a look at this Before & After from their website (sent in by a homeowner)...

Before...oh boy I've seen that many times much better!

So, please check out their website and think about using this great product - especially if you are thinking of selling (or are selling) - it's a quick and beautiful fix!

The company's president - Ed Davis (and he has to be great - that's my mother's maiden name!!), sent me a great video that they have posted on YouTube. Click below.

They also have replacement tiles for drop ceilings - which are more beautiful and so much easier (and safer and cleaner) to replace than mineral tiles. I think that this company has some great ideas to make your home's ceiling truly a standout!

They also have other check them out here

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Richard Boles said...

Do I need to recheck my roof's condition before doing the repair? Our bedroom ceiling in our house in Miami has leaks and I'm not really the Mr. Repair kinda guy in our house who would actually do the roofing, so I've been looking at some tutorials and DIY videos. I'm just glad that my buddy is helping me with it, and my wife's a good company. Never tried tiled ceiling before, but I'll ask her about it.

Linda Leyble said...

Hi - yes of course I would check my roof first before installing these tiles. You don't want to go through creating this beautiful ceiling and then have the leak again! Around my neighborhood there are professional "leak finders" so I suppose there are many in Miami as well.

So - do that first! Good thing you have your buddy and your wife to help you! You can always email the company I profiled in the blogpost above also. They are very helpful! Good luck to you - let me know how you do on this project, OK?

Unknown said...

This is a really good alternative in preventing ceiling leaks. And it’s pretty too. I should recommend this to my husband. Thanks for sharing!

Missie Rice


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