Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Antiques Roadshow Can Teach You About Home Staging

Chips and other wear on this vase caused the ownerto lose over $45,000

Antiques Roadshow & It's Relationship to Home Staging. I was watching a re-run of Antiques Roadshow last week and it got me thinking about home staging. Of course, I think about home staging a lot because I live and breathe it every day - but several of the items that were being appraised could have netted the owners much more money had a certain amount of care been evident in the items. In an old painting, there was some loss in one small area that needed restoration. The painting was worth $25,000 in its current condition - and possibly $40,000 if $3,000 worth of restoration was done. An increase of possibly $15,000 for an investment of $3000!

Another item - a beautiful antique vase from China had some chipping and some other forms of wear. The appraisal in current condition was $5,000 - $8,000. Had it not had the wear and tear - $50,000-80,000. That's a huge difference in price!

So - what parts of your home (or the listing that you're marketing) need some restoration? What can you do to give your home greater value - so that you don't miss out on additional profits?  What small investment could you make so that you can preserve equity? 

It's food for thought.

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